Construction of a quality floor depends on several factors, such as:

✔ Quality of materials used.
✔ Qualitative construction of substructure.
✔ Technical skills.
✔ Expertise.
✔ Specialization.
✔ Standardization.

Considering the above, our company has developed the Stencil Pro Method, which is a detailed guideline of materials, procedures and instructions of application, for the construction of Stencil floors, starting from the ground and ending up to the final stage of flooring.

All materials used, are of highest quality (cement 52Mp, quartz sand, emery, iron oxides and resins). Stencil Pro Method is subject to continuous evaluations and upgrades, adopting the highest standards in production of materials and specifying the application procedures.


Finally, every project is subject to the following questions:

✔ What will be the use of the specific external floor?
✔ When this project will be constructed? – Weather conditions.
✔ In what climatic conditions this project will be exposed?

Taking into consideration the above mentioned factors, we proceed with the relevant technical specifications of construction, for this specific flooring, ensuring a long lasting and perfectly constructed project.

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