Hotels, campings and accommodation facilities

The first choice for hotels and other tourist facilities. The floors offer outstanding hard and anti-slip final surface, not fading colors, suitable for parking places, can meet your needs almost everywhere, due to the method of application and the ease of repair, if necessary. Furthermore, due to the Stencil's limited absorption of thermal radiation that reaches the 10 degrees Celcius lower surface temperature, it is ideal for swimming pools and similar sites. In combination with Crete Defender, a water-based resin, it can be used in water front applications as well.


Industrial areas

Due to Stencil's unique composition that apart from other components, also includes emery and quartz, the final surface is much harder compared to conventional floors, such as, asphalt and stamped concrete, accomplishing resistance to weights up to 100 tons, depending on the thickness of the concrete. This is the reason that Stencil floors are suitable for industrial and other heavy duty applications. The floors are ecological, environment friendly, resistant to chemicals and acid, thus applicable to Food Industry and Sanitary facilities in general.




Public places

Sidewalks, squares, pavements, archaeological sites, bike paths, are some examples of successful applications of our floors. The combination of unsurpassed quality, exceptional aesthetics and variety in design and colors, makes Stencil floors the first choice for Public and Municipal works. Considering that Stencil Method of spray allows us to repair a destroyed floor without having to extract it, makes this kind of application exceptional in terms of value for money.




Houses and private areas

Finally, Stencil floor is a must for private applications, where the variety in colors and patterns on one hand, and the flexibility of the method on the other, guarantee the accomplishment of personal taste and architectural demands. One step ahead, is our new Natura Floor where aesthetics meet perfection maintaining at the same time the quality properties of Stencil.